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Why it’s better to consult registered/licensed immigration agent?

In terms of migration, it is always debatable if you should hire a migration consultant or have a DIY process. But the question is, why should we really hire an immigration agent? Here are the reasons why:

-To maximize chance of visa approval

Doing it on your own have the high risk of refusal because Visa system is a very strict process. Just in the last migration year (2017-2018) refusals have gone up! Making little mistakes such as uploading the wrong documents or not uploading enough substantial evidence can be a reason for refusal. If you want to avoid these mistakes, it’s best to hire a Migration Agent to do the job for you as they ensure your application has all the evidence it needs before it is submitted.

It’s also important to know that government fees are non-refundable, with the help of immigration agents, making mistakes that may lead to application refusal can be avoided and lessen your expenses with just one time application.

-You’ll receive professional advice on all migration matters

Having immigration agent in you process is beneficial in a way that you have legal experts to guide you through out the whole process. If you just make assumptions about the legal wording, you may run the risk of submitting an application that won’t meet all the requirements – which can lead to your visa being rejected. Since immigration agents have been working with the immigration system for years, they know all the legislative requirements, what documents are classed as ‘good’ evidence, and can ensure forms are filled out correctly. In addition, migration systems are constantly changing and it would be the agent’s job to be up to date with all the changes.

-Minimize the errors and delays of incomplete applications

Migration Agents Save You Time and Ease the Stress of the Situation. Some may think that submitting documents will be just an easy task, that’s wrong! The process is very time-consuming and can be quite stressful. An experienced Migration Agent can handle this whole process for you. Visa applications are often delayed when the department has to request for more information from the applicant. But with Migration Agents, they know all the evidence required for each visa type and will compile every document needed to make your application as strong as possible. This means you might be able to avoid the request for more information and head straight to approval.

How do you ensure that your immigration agent is genuine?

  1. Verify if the consultant is authorized
  2. Check for online reviews about the consultant to know about their level of service and success rates
  3. Visit their office in-person to check on authenticity

In choosing authentic immigration firm, you can always choose Magnum Migration. Contact us to learn more about immigration process.



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