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Top 10 Must-visit Places in Canada

Are you tired of working? Need some time for your family and friend or yourself? Or just a weekend getaway with your loved ones. Here is the perfect list for you! Must-visit places in Canada that are popular among Locals and Foreigner.


#1 Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a waterfall located on the Niagara River, That flows from Lake Erie into Lake Ontario. It’s a beautiful scenery popular all over the world. There is a tourist area near the falls that includes the museum, multistory building hotels, observation towers, indoor water parks, and more. There is just one word to describe this place, breathtaking!



#2 Vancouver

Vancouver is named as one of the top five international cities for comfortable and its welfare. The Economist Intelligence Unit or EIU  recognized it as the first rank among the top ten of the world’s most well-living cities.  It is a major city in Western Canada, Located in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia with clean air, lots of greens and mountains, beautiful as people say it is, you will truly enjoy your visit!



#3 Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park is a national park in Alberta, Canada. The largest national park within Alberta’s Rocky Mountain. The park contains a waterfall, mountains, lakes, springs, and glaciers. It’s a must-visit place that is suitable for exploration and provides kaleidoscopic panoramas at every turn. The park serves as a signal of hope for adventurers in the Northern Hemisphere.



#4 Toronto

If you are up for city life, Toronto is the place for you! Toronto is the Capital City of the Canadian Province of Ontario, Canada’s largest city and a world leader in entertainment, finance, technology, business, and culture. It is also home to a lot number of immigrants worldwide and made Toronto one of the most multicultural cities.

Whether you’re a tourist or an immigrant, Toronto is the best place for you. In North America, Toronto is the safest city, as stated by a new report on cities worldwide and top-notch in terms of personal safety, health security, infrastructure safety, and digital security.



#5 Mont-Tremblant

Mont-Tremblant is a city located in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, Canada, just about 140 kilometers northeast of Ottawa, Ontario.

If you are into outdoor activities, the city is most famous for its ski resort, the Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort, which is seven kilometers from the village proper, at the foot of Mont-Tremblant.

Circuit Mont-Tremblant is a race track found in Mon-Tremblant that hosted or currently hosts Formula One, Can-Am, Trans-Am, Ironman Triathlon, and Champ Car World Series. The Surrounding area also features zip lines, golfing, fishing, canoeing, hiking, cycling, go-karting, and a host of other outdoor activities.



#6 Gros Morne National Park

If you are interested in cultural heritage, this is the right place for you. Gros Morne National Park is a Canadian national park and World Heritage Site located on the west coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. It is also known for Soaring fjords and moody mountain tower above a diverse panorama of beaches and forests, barren cliffs, and bogs. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its stunning natural beauty and internationally significant geological features.



#7 Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is the smallest Canadian Province off the Eastern Coast. Located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Prince Edward Island is a land of rolling hills, quaint rural communities, and great seafood. The island is the setting for Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud Montgomery’s world-famous novel. The Island holds an overwhelming reputation for safety and the lowest housing costs in the country. The population in PIE between rural and urban residents is evenly fair.



#8 Quebec City

Want to experience the rich heritage of French culture? Quebec City is the capital of Quebec province, Canada. There are approximately 78% French speakers in Quebec. The city is one of the oldest cities in Canada. UNESCO considered Quebec City as a World Heritage site in 1985.

Quebec City charms its visitors with its romantic centuries-old buildings that compose Old Quebec. Not enough budget to travel across Europe, but Quebec is worth a visit for your affordable budget.



#9 Whistler

Whistler is a perfect vacation spot for travelers that like outdoor activities others will also love to see its art galleries and museum area that provides full of informative exhibits.

The most popular attraction in Whistler is one of the largest skiing resorts in North America called Whistler Blackcomb.



#10 Victoria

Victoria is the capital city of the Canadian province of British Columbia. Victoria manifests a charming atmosphere, resting on the southern tip of Vancouver Island.

This city is small but deeply rooted in its Colonial past, adore uniquely British traditions like afternoon tea at the Fairmont Empress. Victoria also attracts travelers for its museums that memorialize its aboriginal heritage, phenomenal harbor views, and fascinating architecture.


Therefore, If you are interested in visiting or even planning to migrate to Canada to experience these wonderful places. You can always get in touch with the best immigration consultant in UAE.



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