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Terms and Conditions

Magnum Migration owns the website www.magnummigration.com. By using the company’s website, you hereby agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions listed. Failure to do so will result to termination of access moving forward, and possible legal action may be carried out.


Usage limitations

The user is only granted temporary access to use the website and the user hereby abides to be at the age of majority. Magnum Migration holds the right to impose restrictions on any site activity.

The user does not have any rights to directly or indirectly own, see, rent, exploit, and the likes, any of the contents available. Contents of this website are bound by copyright and intellectual property policies. Magnum Migration will exhaust all possible ways to punish offenders.

You agree that you are only allowed to retain a copy of pages of the site for personal use and shall not duplicate and use for commercial purposes.

Should the user create their account on the site, users are responsible in ensuring the confidentiality of their credentials. The company is not held liable for any misuse of activities that occur on your account.

Website Coverage and Applicable Laws

United Arab Emirates is the company’s home country. Magnum Migration is exonerated from all obligations if users use the site from other locations. You are responsible in ensuring compliance with local laws. UAE laws govern use of the website. For any issues, concerns shall only be processed by a court in the company’s home country.

Purchases and Currencies

Magnum Migration accepts all kinds of payments: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and will be charged in AED for products and services, in exception of multi-currency priced transactions where the users have the option to change the currency. In such case, the displayed price and currency selected by the user will reflect on the card and the official receipt. Merchant service providers have their own terms and conditions, and will be followed. Please review them before making any transactions.

Links and Advertisements

Magnum Migration is not held liable for any advertisements or third party services that may appear while browsing the website.


The company reserves the right to update and change any of the listed provisions without prior notification. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure they are aware of the latest terms and conditions of use.

Fraud Activity Warning!

Please be aware of fraudster who are using our brand identity for scamming people. Make sure you are dealing with a genuine consultant.

All our consultants will have a company email in the format name@magnummigration.com. Never transfer funds to a personal account of any person, we are not responsible of any such transactions and we never accept cash payments.

If you think you have encountered a fraudster or want to verify genuine consultant then please feel free to send us an email at info@magnummigration.com