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Romania Work Visa

Work Permit Program – Romania

Romania Work Permit is necessary documentation that is granted by the government of the country that permits you to work inside Romania as a foreign worker. If you are a Non-European Union Citizen and would like to be employed in Romania, it is required for you to obtain a work permit before you will be able to work legally inside the country.

How to obtain Romania Work Permit?

In applying for a work permit, it is necessary to find an employer first. You can be employed in Romania by a single employer, either a person or a legal entity.  Once you are chosen by the employer to be hired, they will need to obtain approval of employment in Romania for you.

Types of Romania Work Permit

Even though there are several options for a Romania Visa, the most applicable type of visa for foreign workers will be C-type (short-stay visa) or D-type (long-stay visa) which allows the visa holder to stay inside the country for more than 90 days.

Other Types of Work Permit:          

  • A-type or airport transit visa is an authorization granted by the diplomatic missions and consular posts of Romania, which allows its holder to transit through the international transit areas of one or more airports of Romania, without entering the territory of Romania.
  • B-type allows third-country nationals to transit the territory of Romania. This type of visa can be issued for one, two or multiple transits, provided that each transit period does not exceed 5 days

Note: Romania has an annual quota for the number of work permits it issues. Additionally, permit applications can take several weeks to be processed, so it is important to factor this into your decision-making and apply as early as possible.

Requirements for Romania work visas

These documents have different requirements depending on the category and the details of the applicant, but some of the standard requirements include:

  • A valid passport and passport photos
  • Medical certificate that will prove you are fit to work
  • Criminal record check
  • Supporting Documents that will prove you meet the required experience and training by the company that will employ you.
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