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Refund Policy

In the event that the client’s application was refused or rejected, Magnum Migration may refund a portion of the fee paid by the client. The refund is subject to conditions stated below, and the amount due to be returned is relative to the liability of the company and the client. Listed below are the recognized refund clauses where the client is entitled to claim under only one clause, should it be deemed necessary and applicable.

Recognized refund provisions:

The first installment amount paid to the company is non-refundable.

The amount of refund is determined on a case to case basis and shall be computed taking into consideration the accountability of the company and the client. The client shall be entitled to claim a refund of a maximum of 20% of the service fee and can only be claimed against one recognized refund provision. Refund excludes any charges particularly mentioned in the signed Retainer Agreement.

Magnum Migration shall refund the amount equivalent to 0 – 20% of the fee paid by the client, should the application be refused or rejected due to inadmissibility as a consequence of amendments to laws, or if the case is rejected at the interview stage due to unsuitability of the client or family member on any ground aside from proficiency in English, criminal inadmissibility, and/or counterfeit documents/requirements.

Should the client decide not to immigrate for any reason there may be, all fees are to be paid and no refund is due to be given to the client. The company shall be absolved from any and all conditions, liabilities, and obligations determined in this agreement.

Any amount due for refund shall only be paid should the company be unable to reverse the negative decision by all means which may include re submission of the application.

The company is not held liable to refund any fees paid in such cases that the client did not accomplish submitting the proper required documents within the allotted time given. Submitting documents outside the timeframe set may have adverse impact when Immigration authorities change the laws and/or policies. In this mentioned scenario, no refund is due and the client is expected to work voluntarily with the company to take up steps to resolve the concerns and the situations.

The client is expected to disclose complete and factual information to the company at all times. Should the client be disqualified or refused due to circumstances related to not divulging truthful and exhaustive information, the company shall not be held liable to issue any refund.

The company will not refund fees paid for the services rendered in cases of physical or mental ailment and in case of death of the client.

The client will not be issued a refund should the client decide to end their agreement with Magnum Migration at any time in the process.

The client is liable to claim for a refund in such case that the company has misguided the client by giving wrong and false advice regarding the application and has directly impacted the case and resulted to a refused/rejected decision.

All refunds approved will be returned to the original mode of payment used.

Fraud Activity Warning!

Please be aware of fraudster who are using our brand identity for scamming people. Make sure you are dealing with a genuine consultant.

All our consultants will have a company email in the format name@magnummigration.com. Never transfer funds to a personal account of any person, we are not responsible of any such transactions and we never accept cash payments.

If you think you have encountered a fraudster or want to verify genuine consultant then please feel free to send us an email at info@magnummigration.com