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Poland Work Permit

How to get Poland Work Permit?

Poland is a country from central Europe. It’s a country full of opportunity for industrial and general workers with a low cost of living. But before you can work in Poland, there are things you must know. If you’re a non-EU citizen, obtaining the necessary work permissions is required. In this article, you will learn things about Poland Work Permit.

Acquiring Poland Work Permit

You might be relieved that in terms of applying for a work permit; you do not have to apply for yourself. It’s your employer’s duty to start the application; they need to fill out the work permit application that indicates the name of the company and the job title to be filled within this company.

This strongly implies that the work permit has a specific validity. Indicated company and position should be followed. If you decided to leave your current company and get a new job, your new employer will have to go through the process of applying for a new work permit for you.

Documents required for your application

  • Valid Passport
  • Detailed CV
  • Copy of degree/diploma/professional certificates
  • Copy of professional references

Processing Time:  Minimum 3 to 6 months

If you decided to get a Poland Work Permit, here is the list of in-demand jobs in Poland for 2021:


  1. Qualified blue-collar employees

  • Such as Freight movers, unskilled workers, cooks, and caregivers.
  • Industrial field; machine operator, welding operator, tailor or clothing sewing specialist, woodwork specialist, locksmith, electrician, electrical engineer, and electric fitter.
  • Workers in the field of agriculture
  1. Employees in the field of trade

  • Sales persons; medicines, electronic equipment, food, cosmetics, construction materials, tours, and real estate sales agents, and brand representatives
  1. Drivers

  • Drivers of buses and heavy trucks
  1. Technicians, storekeepers

  • Product engineers, managers of workshops, laboratories, and warehouses
  1. Engineers

  • Engineers; electrical installations, mechanics, and construction are especially needed
  1. IT specialists

  • Programmers, mobile app, and desktop software, developers
  1. Accountants, economists

  2. Human resources staff

  • Recruiters, HR specialists, and staff managers
  1. Food industry

  • Chefs, pastry chefs, cooks, and bakers
  1. Logistics specialists, warehouse workers

  • Includes forwarding agents, delivery managers, and transport managers
  1. Service industry

  • Such as Qualified hairdressers and cosmeticians, physical therapists, and masseurs.

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