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How To Ge Back CRS Points Lost On Age

How To Get Back CRS Points Lost On Age?

As Canada welcomes aspiring immigrants. They created a system to look over the eligibility of each candidate. One of these factors is the applicant’s Age. The Canadian government encourages to welcome young skilled workers in Canada, but up to what extent?

While 29-year-old have the maximum points for age, that point is also the beginning of the decline. By the time you reach your 40’s, you will be able to get 50 points only. Refer to the chart below:

Express Entry CRS Points Based on Age

Age With spouse Single
17 0 0
18 90 99
19 95 105
20-29 100 110
30 95 105
31 90 99
32 85 94
33 80 88
34 75 83
35 70 77
36 65 72
37 60 66
38 55 61
39 50 55
40 45 50
41 35 39
42 25 28
43 17 17
44 5 6
45 or older 0 0

Options to get back your lost points

Even though the CRS offers a maximum of 110 points for applicants aging from 20-29 years of age, it’s unavoidable that it declines as you age. The best solution to get back your lost points is being able to claim most points from any factors and have a better chance of competitiveness in the Express Entry pool.  Here are some of the option to increase your CRS points:

  • At the top of our list is Provincial Nominee Program (PNPs). Canada has ten provinces and three territories where each has its own immigration programs called PNP’s. If an applicant is nominated under PNP, he/she can claim 600 points towards their CRS score. In able to receive an invitation to apply from the province, you must first determine your eligibility to apply for PNP Express Entry.
  • Job Offer. Receiving a job offer from a Canadian Employer can also boost your CRS points. It will guarantee that you will be able to claim between 50-200 additional CRS points. The points you will receive depends on what job occupation you are offered.
  • Skills Transferability Factors. This factor can contribute a maximum of 100 points towards the CRS score and can be broken down into three main factors:
    • Education
    • Foreign work experience
    • Canadian certificate of qualification

Where each of these factors can contribute a maximum of 50 points when combined with either:

    • High language proficiency, or
    • Canadian work experience

In a conclusion, there are other ways to increase your CRS points that you lost on Age. You can always consider the above factor to maximize the points you can claim and be a more competitive client at the Express Entry Pool. Want to know more about your Canadian Immigration eligibility? Fill up our Free Online Assessment Form and our consultant will get in touch with you.


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