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Canadian Immigration Mistakes that Leads to Rejection

5 Common Canadian Immigration Mistakes that Leads to Rejection

From years of experience Magnum Migration Services have helped numbers of aspiring immigrants to reach their dream destination. As a registered RCIC Immigration Firm, we want to give the best possible service for your Canada migration experience.

Regardless whether you decide to hire a migration agent or do it yourself, below are top five mistakes that may leads to rejection of your application that you should be aware of.

  • Misrepresentation

In top of everything, the number one reason of rejection is misrepresentation. It is a serious migration offense that will not just lead to application refusal but may also lead to your application being barred from applying for several years! Be as honest about the details of your application, including your career history and any issues that you, or anyone accompanying you on your application, have had. It is better to consult an immigration attorney if you have doubts especially if you have medical as well as criminal history.

  • Inconsistencies in Personal and Educational History

Applicants are required to list a detailed travel history, personal history, employment history, and educational history in his application of permanent residency or temporary residency. There should not be accounts for any gaps with unexplained details, no matter how short the length of the gap.

  • Employment letters that do not comply with the requirements

Employment letter is an important document for several of Canadian Immigration Programs thus it should be detailed according to standard.

The following must be included in reference letters:

  • Position held and date of your employment
  • Average hours per week
  • Salary and working conditions
  • Description of job duties
  • Employer’s signature
  • Printed on company’s letterhead
  • Company information such as address and contact information
  • Listing ineligible dependents

In application for permanent residency in Canada, only the spouse, common-law partners and/or eligible biological or legally adopted children can be listed as dependents of the principal applicant. It is commonly misunderstand by the applicants the limitations and list other family members such us parents and siblings as their dependents. So it’s better to double check your application and make sure that only your eligible dependents are listed.

  • Using an unauthorized representative

In order to avoid mistakes like those above, applicants choose to hire an agent to assist them with their application. Unfortunately, there are many fraudsters claiming to be immigration representative. To such avoid scams; don’t hesitate to ask for their professional credentials. A legitimate immigration representative is a registered immigration consultant by the by the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulation Council).

There are a lot of immigration programs in Canada and it is better to get it right for the first time. It would be a shame to get your application rejected because of these avoidable mistakes. It is of the utmost importance that individuals complete their applications with care that’s why Magnum Migration Services is here to give you the best possible service so you can get it right for the first time.


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