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Welcome! We are Magnum Migration Services in the United Arab Emirates and Magnum Staffing Services Inc. in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our company is genuinely 100% Canadian-owned and is a unit of The Magnum Group headquartered in Canada. You may visit our main office website at www.magnumstaffing.ca for more details of the global services we offer to get you to wherever your dream destination may be.

Magnum Staffing Services Inc. has a humble beginning by a Indian Migrant who migrated from Dubai in 2013. Magnum Migration Services or The Migration Experts as fondly called by our esteemed clients and patrons, is a registered member of ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council). We are a leading immigration company with UAE regional head office situated in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, United Arab Emirates with network offices in Dubai, Colombo, Cochin, Kerala.

Magnum Migration Services is strongly committed to providing world-class expert services in the different pathways of migration to Canada, UK, USA, New Zealand, and Australia. We also handle overseas business establishment and our experts arrange complete peaceful resettlement programs. 

Our main goal is to consistently, without any exceptions, fully achieve a high level of customer satisfaction with the wide range of products and services that our clients engage in. This simple approach has effectively fuelled our growth since we opened our doors in 2013. We are thrilled and beyond ecstatic that you have decided to visit us. Please feel free to browse our website to discover what we are all about.

10+ Years
Experience Immigration Services
Our Services are unparalleled…. Ask us how NOW. Waste no time as immigration policies change and this might be the best time for you to grab the opportunity and take that life-changing leap. Worry not as we are committed to helping our customers every step of the way and providing useful services to take care of all of your needs. Read below to learn more about the range of services available. We are constantly growing and expanding our expertise, so if you have something in mind that we do not yet cater to, we would love to hear about it.

Our Presence in the Region

Being one of the regions most trusted immigration company, our objective is to enable our clients to realize their plans of migrating to developed countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and the United States. We then act to turn those dreams into reality with the help of our well-organized, successful, and renowned professional immigration consultants with years of remarkable experience in the field.
  • We make your process as simple as A…B…C…D. We streamline, structure, and execute cost-effective immigration services to fit your migration needs.
  • As one of the best in this industry, Migration Experts attribute our outstanding reputation to the enormous lasting customer relationships we have developed throughout the years. We believe that all our clients deserve the highest level of service, and we, as “The Migration Experts” are committed to providing that – nothing less, but surely always more.
  • Our selection of products is not only of paramount quality but are also available in a variety of options to ensure you find exactly what you are looking. We have a team of committed experts ready to provide support and advice for any questions and even special requests you may have, so feel free and do not hesitate to give us a call.
  • As our tagline says “The migration experts”, We believe in our tradition, motto, and values. You are, along with your goals, are 100% safe and secure in our hands. Our team of professionals in the UAE and Canada are just waiting to help you achieve your dreams, so take that first step and get in touch with us and we will guide you through the rest.

” Loyalty is when people are willing to turn down a better product or price to continue doing business with you.” – Simon Sinek

Magnum tailored Customer Service Contact Centre for customer happiness

“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him”. – Mahatma Gandhi

The Magnum tailored Customer Service Contact Centre for customer happiness is one of our most trusted and popular tools readily available and accessible to all of our clients. It has indeed made a huge difference and impact to many of our customers and this service has been meticulously arranged to achieve the highest level of excellence. With this service, we make certain that all details are simple, seamless, and all situations are handled in a timely manner.

Whenever you work with Magnum Migration Services, The Migration Experts, you can trust that you are in great hands as your success is our company’s success.

Not satisfied with our services in the UAE? No problem, we can definitely solve that. Ask us how to escalate your complaint directly to the Director of Customer

You Asked, “The Migration Experts” Answered

The law is complicated enough and can be confusing to the untrained eye. Do you feel that you have been wronged but have no idea where to start? Magnum Services, “The Migration Experts” has been providing comprehensive and easy to understand counsel to the people of Canada since 2013. We know how overwhelming the legal process can be, especially when you are under an enormous amount of stress. Therefore, our goal is to help you understand your rights and all the issues affecting your migration process.

The Migration experts make migration as simple as A..B..C..D.

We are experts in migration, yes, but we never forget that our clients are people with unique emotions and values. Magnum Migration Experts keeps you involved and personally guides you in making vital decisions about your migration, calmly and effectively. We let you know what is going on every stage and explain every small detail so that you are absolutely aware of the situation and ultimately in charge of the decision making.Here, we know what we do best. Migration Experts can offer you some of the best legal advice and counsel in Canada when it comes to Processing, Post Landing Services, and even Settlement Plans. We know that every case is unique and different, and we will certainly apply in-depth, specialist knowledge to meet your exact needs. Simply put, protecting your rights is what we do best.

Do not Wait…. Call us today and ask us how we can make your migration dreams as simple as possible and turn those into a reality in no time!

Your time is valuable, let the migration experts contact you.

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If you think you have encountered a fraudster or want to verify genuine consultant then please feel free to send us an email at info@magnummigration.com